If you are potential client visiting our website, you rightfully want to learn about our previous clients’ victories. Below, we list brief information about many of those cases.

Please keep in mind: Behind every description is a unique individual and family who endured a difficult challenge. These are real people, not mere numbers and dollars. No two clients or cases are the same. Many factors influence the outcome of each case. These Client Victories should not be interpreted as an evaluation of the potential outcome of your case.

  • Unsafe 18-Wheeler Truck Causes Brain Injury

    $12.2 Million Trial Verdict

    A nationwide trucking company failed to service a trailer. Two wheels separated from the rear axle and careened across the freeway. A car ran over one of the wheels, jolting the driver into the car ceiling. The driver suffered a brain injury and a neck injury that required surgery. The brain injury prevents the husband and father of two from returning to work.

  • Falling Debris Strikes Worker, Causes Brain Injury

    $11 Million

    A neglected jobsite featured several pieces of rusting iron. One of the pieces separated, fell more than 30 feet, and struck a worker. The worker suffered a traumatic brain injury. The case settled for $5,250,000 plus payment of all future medical care needs, which will exceed $5,800,000. The total value of the settlement exceeds $11 million.

  • Paralysis From Van
    Roll Over

    (the insurance policy limits)

    A rental company failed to inspect a 15-passenger van before renting it to customers. One bench seat was not fully latched to the floorboard. The van rolled onto its roof during a highway incident. The bench seat collapsed, crushing a seatbelted passenger. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury, resulting in paralysis. The rental company settled for $5,000,000, the maximum amount of its insurance policy.

  • Private Ambulance Causes Crash with Motorcyclist, Brachial Plexus Injury


    An ambulance driver failed to yield to an approaching motorcyclist, turned into the motorcyclist's path. The ambulance was returning to its station. The motorcyclist could not avoid the collision and suffered a severe injury to the nerves extending from his neck to his shoulder and arm.

  • Negligent Surgeon Causes Brain Injury

    $3,500,000 Plus Payment of Future Medical Expenses

    After misinterpreting MRI images, a neurosurgeon performed two unnecessary brain surgeries on a 14-year old girl. The neurosurgeon committed multiple errors during the surgeries, including the removal of healthy brain tissue and failing to address an artery that he cut. The girl suffered permanent brain injury and now requires 24-hour supervision and care. The defendant paid $3,500,000 and will pay all future medical expenses, which will exceed $5,000,000.

  • Brain Injury and Multiple Fractures from Automobile Collision


    A truck ran a red light and crashed into a car. A car passenger suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken jaw, fractured pelvis, and other injuries.

  • Unattended Nursing Home Resident Burns to Death

    Confidential Settlement

    Nursing home staff knew a resident was wheelchair bound and had limited use of her arms due to a stroke. The staff also knew the resident was prone to falling asleep while smoking cigarettes and then dropping lit cigarettes. But, the staff routinely wheeled the resident to a patio and left her unattended while she smoked. The resident fell asleep while smoking, dropped a lit cigarette, and was consumed by fire. She was less than 50 feet from an unattended nursing station.

  • Commercial Truck Kills Woman in Collision


    A delivery truck driver crashed into a woman's car on the freeway, bulldozing her car into other vehicles. The woman's car ignited and was engulfed in flames.

  • Car Hits Pedestrian, Causing Knee Injury


    A car hit a pedestrian walking in a cross-walk. The pedestrian suffered a complex fracture to his knee that required knee replacement surgery and left him with permanent symptoms and limitations in his leg.

  • Heart Surgeon Uses Wrong Instrument During Surgery

    Confidential Settlement

    During a heart valve repair surgery, the surgeon used the wrong instrument. The surgeon ignored that all training, educational, and packaging materials for the instrument warned against using the instrument during this particular type of surgery. The instrument became entangled in one of the heart valves, causing irreparable harm to the heart and, ultimately, the patient's death. The case settled six weeks before trial for a confidential amount.

  • Nightclub Security Fail to Follow Their Procedures, Patron Shot

    Confidential Settlement

    Security staff at an exclusive LA nightclub customarily checked patrons' bags and used metal detector wands. Unexplainably, security staff ignored those protocols when the club hosted an event for a famous hip-hop artist. Three men with a backpack passed through security without being searched. One of the men shot four patrons, including our client.

  • Social Workers Fail to Prevent Sexual Assault

    Confidential Settlement

    Social workers ignored reports of a teenage foster child's sexually deviant behavior and failed to inform a host family of those reports. After the teenager was placed with the host family, the teen sexually assaulted the host-parents' daughter.

  • Brain Injury from Tow-Truck Collision

    (the insurance policy limits)

    A tow truck "T-boned" a car, causing life-threatening skull fractures and brain injury. The settlement was limited to $1,000,000 because the tow truck company was underinsured and had no other assets.

  • Urologist Surgically Removes Wrong Testicle

    Confidential Settlement

    Pre-operative examinations and radiology studies identified a mass on a patient's testicle. Shockingly, the doctor surgically removed the other, healthy testicle. After the error was discovered, the distressed testicle was also removed.

  • Motorcycle Police Officer Hits and Kills Pedestrian


    A motorcycle police officer failed to see a pedestrian walking across a well-lit street at night. The officer admitted to exceeding the speed limit. Although the officer should have seen the pedestrian, the pedestrian also should have seen the approaching motorcycle. The pedestrian's comparative responsibility influenced the settlement amount.

  • Unsafe French Press Coffee Maker Explodes, Causes Burn

    Confidential Settlement

    The manufacturer of a French press coffee maker lowered production costs by using thinner, weaker glass in the cylinder. The cylinder could not withstand reasonably expected pressure and burst, sending scalding coffee onto the user's forearm.

  • Commercial Truck Causes Collision, Spine Injury

    (the insurance policy limits)

    A commercial truck ran a red light and T-boned a pick-up truck. The client required cervical fusion surgery. The case resolved for the maximum available insurance policy limits.

  • Crematorium Illegally Sells Mother’s Remains

    $950,000 Trial Verdict

    Violating California law, a crematorium dismembered and sold a woman's remains without her permission. Before her death, the woman prepared legal documents stating her wish to be cremated and scattered where her deceased husband's ashes were previously spread.

  • Large Gate Crushes Woman, Causing Multiple Spinal Fractures


    A contractor failed to install necessary components when erecting a large gate. The gate separated from its mount and crushed a woman to the pavement. The woman worked at the site and suffered fractured spinal vertebrae.

  • Electric Shock Causes Spine Injury and Surgery


    A gas station featured a permanent canopy structure near the air pump. Dangerously exposed wiring allowed electrical current to energize the structure. A customer leaned against a metal support pole and suffered an electrical shock. The shock injured vertebral discs in his spine and required spine surgery.

  • Careless Injection Causes Vision Loss in One Eye

    Confidential Settlement

    When injecting a local anesthetic, a physician pierced the patient's eye, causing loss of vision.

  • Car Makes Dangerous Lane Change, Crashes Into Motorcycle


    A freeway driver failed to look before changing lanes and crashed into motorcycle. The motorcyclist suffered broken ribs, a foot fracture, and other injuries.

  • Rideshare Driver Causes Crash, Passenger Suffers Spine/Back Injury


    A rideshare driver caused a T-bone collision. The rideshare driver's backseat passenger suffered back injury that required radiofrequency ablations for chronic back pain.

  • Botched Lasik Eye Surgery

    $558,000 Trial Verdict

    Before a Lasik surgery, the surgeon and technician failed to confirm the patient's identity and treatment plan. The patient received Lasik treatment intended for another patient. The patient's vision is now worse than before the surgery. The patient requires expensive, custom-designed contact lenses for the rest of her life.

  • SUV Makes Dangerous Turn Into Motorcyclist’s Path

    (the insurance policy limits)

    An inattentive driver made a dangerous left turn, crossing into the path of an approaching motorcyclist. The motorcyclist suffered pelvic fractures and other injuries. The case settled for the defendant's maximum insurance policy limits.

  • Neglected Sign Falls Into Street, Causes Motorcycle Crash


    A gas station failed to periodically inspect signs on its property. The mounting hardware became brittle and failed, allowing a sign to fall into the street. A motorcycle ran over the sign, slid, and crashed. The motorcyclist suffered a hip fracture.

  • Absent Handrail Causes Fall


    An outdoor staircase featured a gap in a handrail. A pedestrian lost her balance and fell through the gap, causing a back injury. The handrail design violated building code requirements.

  • Dangerous Sidewalk Trips Pedestrian, Causes Knee Fracture


    A property owner and the city failed to properly maintain and repair a broken, uneven, and dangerous sidewalk in a poorly lit area. An unsuspecting pedestrian tripped and suffered a complex knee fracture.

  • Furniture Store’s Display Chair Collapses, Causing Tailbone Fracture


    Furniture store staff knew a dining table chair was broken and unstable, but failed to remove the chair from the showroom floor. When a customer sat down, the chair collapsed. She slammed to floor and fractured her tailbone.

  • Rideshare Driver Pulls into Motorcyclist’s Path


    A rideshare driver failed to remain at a stop sign, failed to yield to an approaching motorcycle, and drove directly into the motorcyclist's path. The motorcyclist suffered a broken wrist and ankle injury.

  • 18-Wheeler Crashes Into Car on Freeway


    A truck driver failed to pay attention on the freeway and crashed into a car. The driver of the car suffered a torn rotator cuff that required surgery.

  • Building Staff Failed to Place Floormats on Rainy Day, Worker Falls


    Despite heavy rain, office building staff ignored standing policies and failed to place floormats on a smooth marble floor in the building lobby. Pedestrians tracked water into the building. Later, an office worker entered the building, slipped and fell, and injured her hands.

  • Shoddy Roadway Repair Causes Bicycle Crash


    A utility company dug a narrow trench across a street and bicycle lane. When the company resurfaced the street, careless work left an asphalt bump—similar to an abrupt speed bump—in the bicycle lane. The city learned that the bump caused a bicyclist to crash, but the defect was not repaired. Months later, another bicyclist struck the bump and crashed, causing significant facial lacerations.

  • Poor Lighting Causes Customer to Trip, Shoulder Injury


    A restaurant failed to replace burnt-out exterior light bulbs and failed to turn on other lights, making a concrete wheel-stop hard to see. A customer tripped over the wheel-stop and suffered a shoulder injury.

  • Motorist Turns in Front of Motorcyclist

    (the insurance policy limits)

    A car failed to yield the right of way and turned into the path of a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist avoided a collision by “laying down” his motorcycle but was injured.

  • Neglected Gas Pump Handle Causes Chemical Burn

    Confidential Settlement

    Gas station employees failed to periodically inspect gas pump equipment and failed to discover that a gas pump handle required repair. The gas pump handle malfunctioned, sprayed a customer with fuel, and caused a chemical burn in the customer's ear.

  • Restaurant’s Cracked, Uneven Floor Causes Customer to Trip, Knee Injury


    A hipster restaurant wanted cracked floors to add to its rustic decor. An uneven, cracked area tripped a customer and injured her knee.

  • Rear-End Collision Causes Neck Injury


    A rear-end collision involving three cars caused neck injury to the driver of the middle car.

  • Unauthorized Use of Photos in Product Advertising


    A plastic surgeon developed and sold skin products. He later sold the skin product business to another company. The surgeon and the later company both used a patient’s “before-and-after” photos without her knowledge or permission. California law prohibits using someone's photo, image, or likeness without their permission.

  • Child Dies Because Physician Failed to Respond to Deteriorating Condition

    Confidential Settlement

    A pediatric critical care physician failed to properly respond when several symptoms and laboratory tests indicated that a hospitalized child was bleeding internally. The child did not survive.

  • Child Burned During Surgery

    Confidential Settlement

    Physician and surgical nurse severely burned a young girl while mishandling instruments during surgery. The burn required skin graft surgery and resulted in a large scar.

  • Respiratory Therapist Sexually Abuses Disabled Child

    Confidential Settlement

    When hiring a respiratory therapist, a hospital failed to discover the therapist's history of sexual misconduct. After he was hired, hospital staff ignored warning signs that the therapist was sexually abusing several patients. One of the victims, our client, was a child whose disabilities prevented her from speaking.

  • Bar Bouncer Punches Patron, Breaking Jaw

    Confidential Settlement

    After three punks attacked another patron at a sports bar, security staff intervened. Apparently, the bouncers knew the three idiots and simply asked them to leave. Other bouncers threw the victim outside. One of the bouncers then punched the victim, breaking his jaw. Luckily, responding police officers obtained video footage from the sports bar.

  • Dog Bite to Face


    A dog bit a woman on the face, leaving a scar.

  • Dog Bites Elderly Woman

    Confidential Settlement

    A dog owner failed to restrain her dog. The dog leaped on an elderly woman and bit her.

  • Car Strikes Jogger

    Confidential Settlement

    An inattentive driver lost control of her SUV, ran off the road, and struck a jogger. The jogger was hospitalized for broken ribs, a punctured lung, and other injuries.